In MWM also a hammer, apparently of simple realization, is the result of careful studies; please
download from our website the new brochure of the full range of MWM Aluminium hammers, with technical features and customization options.

Recommended for all repairs, but in particular for those without paint removing or on aluminium, MWM...


Durch die von der MWM ITALIA verwaltete Niederlassung MWM MAROCCO, MWM wuenscht die Gelegenheit zunehmen, Nordafrika zu penetrieren. 
Dort hat die Europaeische Automobilindustrie sehr wichtige Produktionssiedlungen entwickelt. 
Seit Anfang 2017 schon aktiv, besteht die Niederlassung MWM MAROCCO aus einer SHOWROOM fuer die Praesentation aller MWM Produktlinie sowie einem Kompletten Lager dafuer und ein Team von sehr...


MWM is very pleased to introduce her first Spotwelder Steel Spot I°, multi-function spotter, designed to repair steel plate in body repair shops.
Steel Spot I° works on main control microprocessor via a very simple encoder, which enables a simple, fast and intuitive machine regulation since all needful machine parameters are immediately visualized on a digital display.

Beyond traditional manual regulations, it is...


MWM was granted, a few years ago, patent rights for pre-cut staples and immediately thereafter started a worldwide marketing campaign bringing production to millions pieces per year.
MWM is pleased to inform that 2 new models are being added, namely the straight and inverted double panel, which are used to align two plastic panels together and for example fix sensor holder to bumper.  
As visible on the picture in annex it is widely used...


Differently from celebration of the MWM 30th activity year which was hosted at common presence of customers and suppliers, this time it was decided, unanimously agreed with all company staff,  that company budget needed for the celebration of MWM 40th activity year would be used to sponsor two charity events MWM was going to bring forwards as social contribution.
The first is financing a small wooden house donated by...