MWM is proud to introduce to all customers MWM LIVE DEMO STREAMING SERVICE as our answer to the question of cutting distances and times between MWM and customers by allowing them to assist ONLINE to our demonstrations and interact directly with our operators.
MWM is ready to accept now each single request for dedicated demonstrations in order to satisfy your requests about MWM products and their...


MWM presents newest and innovative LED STRIP LAMP (code 31374) intended to better detect and identify surface dents as well as light up hidden and dark areas in the workshop.

Made up of a tubular chrome plated metal structure and stainless steel AISI 304 lighting housing on a 4-wheel (2 with brake) moving base, the lamp is available with interchangeable led strips In COLD (3000/3500 lumen) and WARM WHITE (6000/6500 lumen) colour and is fully adjustable in...


Through the owned subsidiary MWM Morocco, MWM intends to seize the great opportunity to penetrate the North Africa market where the European automotive industry has brought to life major manufacturing facilities. 
Since the beginning of 2017, the subsidiary MWM Morocco opened a showroom for product demonstrations within the facility, has a complete warehouse for any of the 5 production lines and has highly qualified ...


MWM is very pleased to introduce her first Spotwelder Steel Spot I°, multi-function spotter, designed to repair steel plate in body repair shops.
Steel Spot I° works on main control microprocessor via a very simple encoder, which enables a simple, fast and intuitive machine regulation since all needful machine parameters are immediately visualized on a digital display.

Beyond traditional manual regulations, it is...


MWM was granted, a few years ago, patent rights for pre-cut staples and immediately thereafter started a worldwide marketing campaign bringing production to millions pieces per year.
MWM is pleased to inform that 2 new models are being added, namely the straight and inverted double panel, which are used to align two plastic panels together and for example fix sensor holder to bumper.  
As visible on the picture in annex it is widely used...