Products | 09-26-2023

Number 5 Hybrid is a newly designed Hybrid Pulling Tower that responds to the operator's need to work closer to the repair point and at the same time keep the pulling command c

Products | 09-06-2023

Seal Protection Soft is the MWM product for masking rubber seals, used in the preparation phase for painting vehicle pillars.

Products | 03-01-2023

NUMERO 5 – Fast installation pulling tower allowing repair on steel or aluminum panels and frames thanks to its traction force pulling reaching 550 kg.

Products | 11-23-2022

XPLATE enables MWM Numero 5 - Pulling Tower to stay firmly anchored to the flooring, so to counterbalance heaviest and most extreme traction loads.

Products | 05-24-2022

ZOLA ARC is one of the best solutions for car body repair specialists which are looking for a high-performance aluminium welding machine.

Products | 11-03-2020

Designed to reach a pulling traction force up to 550 Kg it is counterbalanced by the pulling of a metal plate anchoring to the ground through pneumatic depression.

Products | 06-09-2020

ZOLA8 is the final step of MWM detailed research to develop an extremely simple product suitable to repair dents of any dimension (particularly indicated for Hail damage) and not needing to ca

Products | 12-02-2019
Products | 11-14-2019

ALU SPOT MK I is the new MWM capacitor discharger spotter for welding studs from Ø 3 mm to Ø 5 mm on aluminium panels and car body parts, as any other metallic accessories, ferrous and non-...