News | 06-07-2011

Expressly made for avoid cutting after melting.
They can easily break at the pre-cut point.
Therefore they remain under the plastic-level, avoiding cutting of the stems and grinding...

News | 05-30-2011

Plastic Spot is a welder for plastic parts.
By welding hot staplers you can easily repair plastic bumpers, grills, cowlings and many other plastic parts in your car,...

News | 05-14-2011

We would like to introduce you or new Staples for Plastic Repair:

Products | 05-12-2011

Using the patented MWM multipads ® for car-body repair is extremely easy .
The concept is: stick and pull.

News | 05-12-2011

Today MWM presents the widest available range of articles and accessories for bodywork repairs without paint removal.