Products | 09-08-2020

OZONE TOWER – The newest MWM solution to disinfect closed environment

OZONE TOWER (p/n. 36200) is an ozone O3 generator operating on electromagnetic plates intended to sanitize any type of environment as home-room, office, hospital, shop, ambulance, taxi, car and any other vehicle in general.


OZONE TOWER uses ozone bactericide, acaricide and fungicide properties to sanitize from virus, bacteria and to disinfect from mold and germs, removing any type of bad smells. It is a professional device with specific characteristics as:


  • Equipped of electronic control to adjust Ozone O3 concentration and process time lenght.
  • Equipped of saturation sensor which automatically activates desaturation process to restore air quality at the end of sanitizing cycle.
  • Easy to move thanks to its small-size: 1,5KG – mm 280x135x135 (HxLxP).
  • Smartphone remote control to set Ozone O3 concentration, process time and to control disinfection cycle pace.
  • Final report available displaying effective process time and highest level of Ozone O3 reached during disinfection process.


OZONE TOWER is part of MWM SANI LINE, line dedicated to sanitation and personal protective equipment line and accessible at this link.