Products | 09-06-2023

Seal Protection Soft for painting vehicle pillars

Seal Protection Soft is the MWM product for masking rubber seals, used in the preparation phase for painting vehicle pillars.

Seal Protection Soft uses the Velcro Ⓡ Brand system to stretch a strip of fabric across the door, lowering the seal and facilitating the correct painting of the pillars.

It consists of 18 molded fabric strips with a spongy side and 15 flexibles Velcro Ⓡ Brand strips with a self-adhesive back.

Seal Protection Soft has successfully passed multiple leakage tests - including use at different temperatures and stress tests - to ensure the perfect balance between resistance and reusability. 
Unlike the traditional method of masking with tape, Seal Protection Soft is reusable as the fabric strips are not subject to wear and the tape can be used several times without losing its properties.

It comes in a practical transparent case.

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Contents of the case:
- 10 single-width strips of fabric - 5 for curves and 5 for corners
- 4 double-width fabric strips for wide curves
- 2 triple-width fabric strips for linear profiles
- 2 quadruple-width fabric strips for linear profiles
- 15 flexible Velcro strips Ⓡ Brand with self-adhesive backing (32x2,5 cm)
- instructions

Product code: 820000