Products | 11-23-2022

XPLATE - Pneumatic depression plate for extreme tractions

XPLATE enables MWM Numero 5 - Pulling Tower to stay firmly anchored to the flooring, so to counterbalance heaviest and most extreme traction loads.

X PLATE is particularly suitable for horizontal tractions where the angle between pulling winch and flooring surface is extremely reduced, it is infact specifically intended to be fully antislide.

VULCANISED RUBBER Brand new rubber pad has been vulcanised to be more flexible and difficult to strain and increase resistance to abrasion so ensuring longer lifetime even in high wear conditions.

FIXING During the vulcanization chemical process the rubber pad gets shaped and fixed directly to the metal plate.

C SHAPED PROFILE Two C shaped profiles increase friction to most damaged floorings, expecially in presence of cracks, splits or uneven surfaces.

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